Friday, 24 February 2012

Feb 24, 2012

The weather directly effects the way I feel and think. Yesterday was a sunny day, when I was off work the light remained outside and my drive home was full of happy thoughts, my mood was calm and I was aware of all the beautiful mountains around me.

Today is much different. Even as I dress for work this morning, I just did not care. It is dark, wet with a mix of snow... cold. I am having a hard time working, focusing, I'd rather just sleep. If only everyday were a sunny happy thought kind of day.

I've noticed that each type of day also changes the way I relate to different things. Yesterday I was posting in pineterest beautiful images of the way I'd love home to look. They were fresh, bright, many flowers, white washed images. Today ... darker, heavy drapes and such. Quotes I relate to today are more of past, remembering and letting go... while yesterday they were of hope and future. I'm odd indeed.

Green folders and stacks of paper are glaring at me on my desk, I'm not sure I will do much at all today. Is a mood really worth not getting your work done and possible trouble? I don't think so, but today, I just don't care.

Maybe as you read my blogs to come you will see that my mind is quite bipolar. A million and one thoughts run through my head each day stemming from the color of my car to dreaming of being more like someone else, I often long for intelligence. I'm all over the place.

I hope to post more of the sunny days than the dark. I commit to writing more often.